Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Friday, April 6, 2012

Snacking on Chocolate Linked to Low BMI

Previous studies suggest dark chocolate can lower blood pressure, bad cholesterol and even the risk of diabetes.


How could a treat filled with sugar and fat fight weight gain? It might be due to the high concentration of epicatechin, a flavonoid found in cocoa, tea, blueberries and grapes.


“Best is dark chocolate, and best is to keep it to about an ounce per day. That amounts to only about 150 calories — a lot less than any pastry they’d eat.”


-          Note that the study from 2 years ago said that an ounce per day was counterproductive because of the sugar intake, and instead recommended half an ounce per day.  (Also note that a few dark chocolates are low in sugar but also are slightly bitter.)

-          I am wondering if it is better to eat blueberries, grapes and drink tea?