Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Chicken Nuggets

I like chicken nuggets, but because of COVID, I resolved to cook them at home instead of making any unnecessary trips to fast-food restaurants. Store-bought nuggets aren't the same as fast-food nuggets, and part of that might just be the way they are cooked. I microwave mine, but I add vegetables to make the meal a little more healthy. Nuggets and vegetables are a tasty combination.

I have tried 3 types: Tyson, which is the most expensive, Walmart brand, which is the least expensive, and Banquet. The Tyson and Walmart brands are essentially the same, and I even saw an article that said that they might be made by the same company. The Walmart brand might have a little more flavor. What I don't like about them is the texture, which is a little more squishy, like a chicken sausage. So I strongly prefer the Banquet brand which seems closer to what you might get from a restaurant. I found it helpful to over-nuke them a little because this affects the texture.


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